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About DanceBack

DanceBack is a Charity that promotes and supports the great joy of movement, helping people get the most out of life by being able to move to the best of their ability.

DanceBack supports people whose lives have been affected by injuries that restrict their ability to move freely.

DanceBack funds treatment and rehabilitation people who could not otherwise afford to pay for it or are unable to get the appropriate treatment on the NHS.

DanceBack promotes and encourages the great joy of movement. We provide workshops in schools and colleges, health clubs and doctors surgeries, helping people to get back on their feet and get the most out of life in spite of back and mobility problems.

DanceBack welcomes fund raising events that include an element of dance - from professional Gala performances to community discos, street danceathons, tea dances, balls, sponsored ballroom and line dancing parties! Dance schools are invited to be to be creative with their fundraising for this cause, which aims to get people moving and enjoying life again.